How To Choose Correct Size Pet Crate For Travel

IATA Approved Pet Crates

Traveling with your pet can be a pretty exhausting affair with even the smallest of details needing a great deal of attention. If you are planning a long-distance journey by air along with your pet or simply relocating the pet within the country or internationally, it is most likely that your pet will be shipped either as cargo or as excess cabin baggage in case they are accompanying you. Depending upon the size of your pet and airline regulations, you can decide whether to carry your pet along with you as excess cabin baggage or check it in as cargo.Among the very many things that are required to be taken care of for a pet’s safe journey is a secure IATA (International Air Transport Association) specified crate to make their flight comfortable and smooth. Airlines for both domestic and international travel, require IATA-approved crates for pets that are specifically designed keeping in mind their safety and comfort.These crates made in fiberglass, come in semi and small sizes starting from 21 inches in length and range up to giant-sized crates of 48 inches length, to accommodate both small and large breeds of pets.

 Why Do I Require An IATA-Approved Crate For My Pet’s Air Travel ?

IATA has specified certain guidelines for crates permitted in airlines for pet travel. Specially fabricated out of fibreglass, these crates remain stable, strong, and sturdy on the ground as well as during flight landing and taking off. There are wired steel windows for proper ventilation and two food bowls can be installed in the cage for feeding pets. Also, equipped with detachable wheels, these crates make transportation of the pet easier.


How Can I Select An Appropriate Crate For My Pet’s Travel?

How To measure my Dog

Depending upon the size and weight of the pet, appropriate crates (also termed as cages) are recommended. A comfortable crate gives enough space for the pet to turn around, sit, stand and lie in a natural position. Cats are pretty much the same size and biologically of smaller built, hence a similar-sized crate can be used for them. However, there is a lot of variation when it comes to sizing and measuring pet dogs. Hence, it is mandatory to get proper-sized pet dog crates/dog cages/dog carriers as airlines make it mandatory to have additional room for the pet within the crate. 

The key is to measure your pet accurately and select the crate size based on that.

Pet measurement includes the following specifications:

  • length of the pet – from the tip of the nose to base/root of the tail, 
  • height of the pet – from the elbow joint to the ground, 
  • width of the pet – across shoulders/widest point and 
  • height of the pet – natural standing position from the top of the head to the floor. 

Based on these dimensions and certain calculations, an appropriate crate is finalized for the pet’s flight. Make sure to add those extra 4 inches to the calculated height of the pet so that there is enough headspace and the pet is not cramped in the cage. Keeping in mind the technicalities while selecting the crate, it is always advisable for the pet parents to get in touch with a Pet Delivery company. Sales and Operations experts at Carry My Pet understand your requirements and will provide the appropriate cage for your furry baby.

 Specifications For Pet Crate During Air Travel

Cat Crate

  • Crate must have additional room for the pet to sit, stand, lie or turn around comfortably
  • Crate must be strong and sturdy and secured with a proper locking system
  • Crate must have the water and food bowl attached towards the inside of the front door and refillable from outside without having to open the door
  • Crate must have continuous ventilation minimum on two sides (for domestic travel) and all four sides (in case of international travel)
  • Crate must have LIVE ANIMAL stickers pasted on top and sides in letters that are at least 1 inch tall
  • Crate’s wheels must be removed and taped, to prevent it from skidding or rolling over
  • Crate must have its pet’s details and owner’s contact information.

 How Does Carry My Pet Take Care Of Crate Requirements?

Carry My Pet, a pet relocation company based in Delhi, India, provides IATA approved pet crates/pet cages/pet carriers ranging from the small size of 21 inches up to the giant size of 48 inches, to accommodate all breeds of pets, big or small, at affordable prices. Sales experts at Carry My Pet, provide quick and reliable solutions regarding the entire process of your pet’s travel, both domestic transportation and international export transportationinternational import transportation. We assist you with your pet’s measurements and based on the calculations suggest the most suitable crate for your furry baby. Operations Associates at Carry My Pet ensure that the pet is delivered safely in the kennel to the pet parents. In situations of doubt about whether to take your pet as cabin baggage or cargo or the eligibility of sharing the same cage by two pets as approved by IATA and considering the airline specifications, professionals at Carry My Pet handhold the pet parent throughout this overwhelming process and making it easier for the upcoming pet travels.